Goodiez Is Passionately Streamlining Marketing, Distribution, And Sales For Cannabis Brands

Goodiez Is Passionately Streamlining Marketing, Distribution, And Sales For Cannabis Brands


In any facet of business that involves a product going from the producer to the retailer—there’s a middle-man. Goodiez is a Washington State brand Goodiez Inc is a Washington State cannabis distributor that seeks to optimize this position since its inception in 2018. The i-502 industry is currently in a state of a dire need for infrastructure. Specifically, in marketing, advertising, sales, promotion, and distribution. Many cannabis brands are rising and falling all over Washington in a struggle to sell their cannabis. Despite having potentially decades of experience cultivating it. 

‘Goodiez streamlines cannabis distribution through direct sales, logistics management, creative marketing, and consumer education.’

Goodiez is beckoning to the quiet, yet desperate call for a distribution tier in Washington’s recreational cannabis market. When legislation was set up for the sale of recreational herb, there was nothing in place to support this need. There is a staunch lack of companies in the i-502 cannabis industry that offer easy, affordable, understandable, and personal assistance with marketing, sales, and advertising.

The Goodiez Team, Seattle, WA 2019

Goodiez is working to solve this problem from within the industry in a number of ways. Their bread and butter is acting as the sales and marketing arm of their partnering brands. Under this model producers can get back to doing what they do best—creating beautiful products. So far they’ve come together with fifteen total brands over the last couple years, with far more victories than losses. Some of the recreational shops they work with include American Mary, A Greener Today, Green Door, Cannazone, and Kushman’s. 

Rebranding Services

Rebranded by Jessica w/ Goodiez

Aside from a stellar sales team seamlessly bridging producers and retailers, Goodiez has a knack for rebranding cannabis companies into something fresh and exciting. Their team can work to rebrand a partnering brand’s packaging, start new content and marketing campaigns, and get feet out on the street. On the design end, Goodiez has seen notably recurring success with clients that were in need of attractive new packaging. One of their successful rebranded partners, Leaves of Grass, has seen a 400% increase in sales over the last six months.

B2B Online Marketplace – www.Goodiez.Shop

Goodiez curates a sleek, user-friendly B2B online marketplace for their retailers. Brands are able to display their products in a simple, yet beautiful fashion. By doing this, they make it easy for retailers to get their reorders done without having to make any phone calls, 24/7. They’ve essentially made the Amazon for weed on a B2B level.

Sign up and into the Goodiez Marketplace.

Print Catalog & Magazine – Goodiez Mag

Goodiez seeks to celebrate the culture of cannabis through art and destigmatize its use for medical or recreational purposes. Their quarterly B2B catalog serves as a means for over 400+ decision-makers throughout the state. In this publication Goodiez highlights their partnering brands and their stories, as well as their products and pricing. In the near future, they plan to produce a magazine for cannabis consumers to enjoy and learn from. People can also expect product reviews, local events and parties listings, and even canna-business.

Goodiez Catalog Volume 4

In The First 90-Days

Within the first 90-days Goodiez has shown repeatedly their ability to establish retail/producer relationships and secure sustainable shelf-space for their partnering brands. Some of the brands that they’re currently supporting are Raven Grass, Wave Edibles, Flight 9 Cannabis, Sweet Nirvana Brands, Big Rich Farms, Mobius, and Leaves of Grass, to name a few. The shops they partner with appreciate the ability to place orders from multiple brands, as well as trust any new ones Goodiez approaches them about.

Goodiez has an extremely strict vetting program for bringing new brands into their family. They go the extra mile to ensure any brand they partner with matches their level of quality, ethics, and growth standards. Overall, they seem to be steadily, and honestly growing a necessary facet of the developing i-502 cannabis industry.

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