Goodiez Combats The Vape Crisis With Trusted Extraction Brands In Washington

Goodiez Combats The Vape Crisis With Trusted Extraction Brands In Washington


There’s been a nationwide panic surrounding the use of vaporizers to consume both nicotine and cannabis. From state-to-state, there’s legislation that’s been quickly put into action in efforts to hopefully create some positive effect during this vape crisis. Fingers have been pointed at black market products and the use of botanically-derived terpenes. Washington state recently put an emergency ban on all flavored additives in THC and nicotine vapes until 2020. In the flurry of commotion, Goodiez felt proud that none of their brands came under fire.

Goodiez is a company in Washington that helps i-502 brands with all of their needs beyond producing noteworthy cannabis products. They work with several brands around the state to give them back their much needed time to do what they really love. This includes marketing, advertising, sales, promotion, and distribution

The abrupt decisions made by the state in regards to vape oil purity and testing have made many unable to continue to function. Or at the very least have to do immense product recalls. If you consider the success of some companies that could have been filling carts in batches of say, 10,000, with each cartridge wholesaling at $8—that’s a substantial loss.

Raven Grass and Skagit Organics are two companies that Goodiez works with that produce completely compliant vape cartridges. Something these two companies share is the desire to offer real cannabis flavor with no substitutes. No matter how they’re accomplishing this task, they’ve been doing it this way for years. These two brands, along with the other 13 working with Goodiez, put in the extra effort to produce clean cannabis products. This echoes the operational and ethical standard Goodiez maintains with any of the brands they support. 

Skagit Organics

Skagit Organics is your classic family-owned extraction business born out of Skagit county. They’ve been around since the medical days and have a longstanding following from creating clean, effective, and consistent products for medical and recreational patients. They made the switch a while back, well before the vape crisis. Cannabis-derived terps are bar-none when it comes to flavor and strain-specific experience.

They’ve been working hard to develop relationships with like-valued producers for the last four years and were able to find high-quality cannabis terpenes produced by an i-502 partner at a reasonable rate. Finding affordable materials for creating completely compliant oil is a problem many processors are facing.

It’s through Skagit’s partnership that they’re able to produce superior products without having to charge a premium price. Not to mention, Skagit Organics has been working with Confidence Analytics since day one. They’re on the board for the Tested With Confidence program, so you know they keep it clean.

Raven Grass

Raven Grass is a tier-2 producer/processor out of Olympia, WA. Not only do they have the ability to grow all of their cannabis in-house, but they also have their own extraction lab. Since day one of their concentrate production, they said: “no additives or fillers, ever.” They proudly produce all of their oil through two separately calibrated extractor runs using their CO2 extractor.

Raven Grass refuses to use anything to amend their concentrates with terpenes, whether they be “food grade,” or “cannabis-derived.” From the soil to the oil, Raven Grass doesn’t use any synthetics or cutting agents to cut any corners with their full-spectrum, unadulterated concentrates for vaping.

What Goodiez has been able to ensure throughout this vape crisis is that both these brands practice the utmost safety and cleanliness in their production. By working as an extension of these brands’ sales teams, they’re able to reassure compliance and safety. The retailers they work with got to keep their peace of mind as none of Raven Grass or Skagit Organics’ products had to be taken off the shelves. Some of Goodiez prominent retail partnerships include: Mainstreet Marijuana, PRC, The Bakeree, Canna West, and A Greener Today.

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