Goodiez Combats The Vape Crisis With Trusted Extraction Brands In Washington

By: COLLIN LEE JOHNSON For: RESPECT MY REGION There’s been a nationwide panic surrounding the use of vaporizers to consume both nicotine and cannabis. From state-to-state, there’s legislation that’s been quickly put into action in efforts to hopefully create some positive effect during this vape crisis. Fingers have been pointed at black market products and…
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Goodiez Is Passionately Streamlining Marketing, Distribution, And Sales For Cannabis Brands

By: COLLIN LEE JOHNSON For: RESPECT MY REGION In any facet of business that involves a product going from the producer to the retailer—there’s a middle-man. Goodiez is a Washington State brand Goodiez Inc is a Washington State cannabis distributor that seeks to optimize this position since its inception in 2018. The i-502 industry is…
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